Idealist Days

Imagine. Connect. Act.

Idealist Day Toolkit

Here are a few tools to help you get organized for your next Idealist Day event.
If there’s anything you need or would like to add to this toolkit, let us know!

Not sure yet about what you’d like to do? Browse through our ideas gallery or photos of past events for some inspiration.

Planning event logistics

Start thinking about your event logistics. Settle on a date, time, and location. Here are a few things to consider:

How long do you plan to meet for? How do you want to invite people? How many people do you want to participate?
☐ Half Day ☐ Open to the public ☐ Large
☐ A few hours ☐ Public, with RSVP ☐ Medium
☐ An hour or so ☐ Invitation-only ☐ Small

    Who is the core audience for your Idealist Day event?

    • Community members in your town or city, or maybe your block or house of worship.
    • People with shared talents or interests, such as musicians, environmentalists, waiters, or lawyers.
    • Folks who are interested in a particular topic like the arts or education.
    • Just your group of close friends.
    • Or broadly invite anyone who is interested.

    Where makes the most sense to meet?

    • Possible indoor spaces: home living rooms, public libraries, office conference rooms, meeting rooms in houses of worship, school or college classrooms or student activity spaces, coffee shops or restaurants, or even a bar or brewery.
    • Possible outdoor spaces: parks, schoolyards, public plazas, gardens, yards, etc. — make sure you have a backup plan in case of inclement weather!
    • Other venue considerations: seating, food, space to walk around, décor, supplies…

Outreach materials

You’ve got an awesome Idealist Day planned! Now how do you get others to join you?

Resources to create your own materials:

  • Download Idealist logos and images here.
  • Event Flyer Template – Download or copy this file to your Google Drive in order to edit.
  • is a free web-based image editor that is simple but powerful. It has many useful templates for creating graphics for social media, invitations, flyers and more.
  • For some inspiration, you can see what other Idealists have created for their events here!

Promotion strategies

  • Set up an event on Eventbrite.
    • If you’ve never used Eventbrite before, check out this how-to guide.
    • Once you’ve created your event, you may want to use the “add to Facebook” feature to increase the reach of your event.
  • Set up a Facebook event. Invite your friends and have them invite their friends!
    • It’s best to create an event as an individual and then share it in your local Idealist group (if applicable) so that there are fewer restrictions on who guests can invite.
    • After you have set up the event page, post a few times to keep it active. You can post about your plans or just general reminders.
  • Email. Write up a quick email invitation to your friends. A personal touch goes a long way!
  • Many local newspapers and other media outlets have online calendars of activities in the area. Search for events in your area and see where they are listed online.
  • Post a flyer in libraries, community centers, cafes, and other local businesses that have bulletin boards.
  • Share the following to explain what Idealist Days are all about:

Event facilitation outline

Follow these guiding principles for event organizers:

Have fun! Enjoy! Take pictures! Share!
No Cost. Let’s keep this free and accessible to everyone.
Welcome and support different types of people and viewpoints.
No specific action agenda: each participant defines what steps or actions they would like to take or join.
Encourage a variety of perspectives from many people, and to support a variety of actionable ideas.
Be open to ideas and be creative about how the group can support moving towards action.
The expertise is in the room. We do not need to bring in outside experts to tell us what to do. As human beings, we all see the problems and the challenges around us, and we often know what we need to do.

Now, create an event outline that includes the following elements:

I. Welcome: Share a vision of Idealists of the World and this Idealist Day. You may want to reference:

II. Connect: Do something fun and joyful to get to know each other. Some options include:

  • Play: Board games, improv activities, or playground games.
  • Break bread: Host a potluck or share a favorite dish.
  • Pick your own fun icebreaker or make one up!

III. Act: Work towards taking actions.

IV. Closing: Reflect on everything your group accomplished during your time together.

  • Announce the plan to gather again OR specify a person/team to organize the next gathering
  • Make individual commitments to action

Printouts for the day of your event

Download or copy these files to your Google Drive. Feel free to edit or use them as you wish:

Share and connect with the global community

Post photos on social media using #IdealistDay and #WeAreIdealists

Share how you’re celebrating Idealist Day with the Facebook community and with the Idealist Team in NYC. Email us about your plans and how it went!

Want to start your own local Facebook group to start organizing? Check out our step-by-step guide.