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Vision board creations

Many people are using vision boards in various aspects of their lives to focus on making their dreams into a reality. This is a great way to imagine the world that we want. Get creative and craft a new vision for the future!

How-to Steps

  • Everyone will need a large piece of paper or cardboard to create their vision board. Sizes can vary. You can ask participants to bring their own or you can provide them. One organizer even created her vision on a flower pot!
  • Everyone will also need access to glue, tape, or some means of affixing materials to their board. Again, you can provide this or ask participants to bring it.
  • Lay out all your visioning supplies on a table. It is a good idea to supply a selection of materials, but it is also great to invite participants to bring their own inspirational photos, papers, and supplies.
  • Ask participants to envision what their ideal world, or community, looks like.
  • Then, everyone cuts and pastes to create a collage of what they imagine and what is important to them.
  • Once everyone has finished (or when a set amount of time is up), invite each participant to share their vision board with the whole group.
  • You can also ask each other:
    • What is your dream?
    • What is one step you could take to move towards it?
    • Is there anything stopping you?
    • What could we do to help you move forward?


  • Magazines, newspapers, and other photo sources (lots of ‘em!)
  • Maps, menus, or other paper-based inputs
  • Colored papers or printed papers
  • Buttons, ribbons, glitter, pompoms, or other fun collage materials
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • Poster board

Idealist Twist

To expand this idea, you don’t have to stick just to collaging! You might want to draw, film, or knit your ideas for a better world.


Have you made vision boards or other art projects for Idealist Day? Share your tips and reflections in the comments below!

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