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Movie screening

Pick an inspiring film or documentary to watch together. The movie can be used to inspire a discussion afterwards about topics in your community and what actions participants might want to take.

We hosted a movie night at the Idealist offices in New York City.

How-to Steps

  • Select a film that touches on some topic related to making an impact in your community. It could be a fictional film or a documentary.
  • Having refreshments and some mingling time at the beginning of the event is great to get people connected and allows a little extra time for any latecomers. Consider an organized game or ice breaker to help people meet each other.
  • Gather attendees together.
  • Introduce yourself, who are you, what are Idealist Days and why you are inspired by to participate.
  • Introduce the movie, why you chose it, and a few questions you’d like viewers to consider while watching the film.
  • Watch the film!
  • When the movie ends, start a discussion. A few questions to get the conversation started:
    • What stood out to you in the movie?
    • Did the movie spark any new ideas for you?
    • Could the ideas explored in the film apply to projects that you might want to carry out in your own community?



  • Film/documentary
  • Screen or projector or way to watch the film
  • Speakers to make sure everyone can hear
  • Chairs or comfortable seating
  • Popcorn! It’s not a movie without popcorn. (Or other snacks of your choice.)


Idealist Twist

Add a suggested donation for attendees to contribute to an organization! The suggested donation could be money, or it could be a donation of goods, like socks, blankets, canned food or something else related to issues addressed in the film.


Do you have a great movie suggestion or other tips for this type of event? Please share them in the comments below!


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