Idealist Days

Imagine. Connect. Act.

What can my organization do?

Nonprofit organizations

  • Plan one of your regularly scheduled activities or events on Idealist Day!
  • Imagine a special new action or activity for this day.
  • Coordinate something with other organizations! This could be an opportunity to create new partnerships or further develop existing relationships with organizations in your network.

Companies that value social impact

  • Use Idealist Day to get employees together to see what you can do to make the world (or your workplace) a little bit better
  • Organize a day of civic action or volunteering in the community

In Buenos Aires, the organization ‘Vamos a Hacerlo Argentina‘ (Let’s Do It Argentina), hosted an environmental cleanup day as part of Idealist Days.

In Sierra Leone, the group ‘African Changemakers’ use Idealist Days as a meeting date to plan their community actions.

In New York, Broadway Unlocked uses Idealist Days as an excuse to get actors in the city together and plan actions that can create a positive impact in their communities.

Why become part of Idealist Days?

  • For visibility. Your acton will have international visibility when you share it in our directory.

  • To attract more supporters, collaborators, and donors to participate in your activity on this day of global action.

  • To become part of a global movement of local action.

When is the next Idealist Day?

Whenever the number of the day matches the number of the month: December 12, January 1, February 2, etc. (12/12, 1/1, 2/2, etc.)

I already have an activity in mind. Now what?

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