Idealist Days

Imagine. Connect. Act.

I’m part of an informal group (community of neighbors, friends, artists collective…)

What can we do?

Get together on Idealist Days with others who share a common interest to figure out what actions you might want to take or how to support each other. For ideas of different activities your group can organize together, check out our ideas gallery.

There are groups of people who aren’t organized as an official organization who already meet regularly to do good in the world. This might include a group of young people who get together to visit people in the hospital, or neighbors who get together to answer problems in their neighborhood… 

In any of these cases, an Idealist Day can give your group the structure and continuity to organize actions that happen on a more regular basis.

Here are a few examples… what do you imagine your group could do together?

In Santa Luzia, Brazil, this group uses Idealist Days to talk about what their community needs and how to begin taking steps to create change.

In San Diego, California, this group decided to get together and create a Tree of Dreams, in which people imagine and share the things they would like to improve in their community.

In Burundi, this group started by breaking the ice with a board game and then had a conversation about what they would like to change and how to work together or support one another with their ideas.

Why join in on Idealist Day?

  • For visibility. Your initiative will have international visibility when you share it in our directory and will inspire others to join.

  • In order to form a part of a global movement of local actions. Your action, big or small, counts!

When is the next Idealist Day?

Whenever the number of the day matches the number of the month: December 12, January 1, February 2, etc. (12/12, 1/1, 2/2, etc.)

I already have an activity in mind. Now what?

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