Idealist Days

Imagine. Connect. Act.

What could a rich, fully-formed local/global “day of action and possibility” include?


To start, imagine a day where some or all of these things could happen—in your community or anywhere else—and then add your ideas so we can make this menu even richer.

It’s Idealist Day, so, in no particular order, you can see:

* People getting together to see and celebrate how much we have in common by playing games, making music, eating, or praying together.

* Community meetings to see what people want to do, learn, build, or share.

* People fanning out for volunteer and community projects of every kind.

* Action-related posts on social media by friends who wouldn’t usually do this: “Hi, it’s Idealist Day, so who wants to join me in…?”

* Volunteer fairs, hackathons, idea-sharing and storytelling slams…

* Organizations inviting the public to visit them (“open houses”), and schools and workplaces inviting organizations to speak to their students or employees.

* Newspapers, radio, and TV stations telling stories about local organizations or volunteers who are doing great work.

* People wearing name tags and saying hello to strangers.

* Teachers asking children of all ages to imagine the world they want to live in, and then talking about some small steps they can take to get there.

* People suggesting something—in their neighborhood, school, or workplace—that they’ve wanted to do for a long time, but never felt they had the “social permission” to bring up.

In every case, these are things that anyone could do at any time, but having a common milestone to promote, plan and aim for, and being able to say (to oneself and to others), “I am not crazy and I am not alone, this is happening all over the world…” could make a big difference.

So – can you imagine some or all of this?

What else would you add to this list? Email us! Or add your ideas in the Idealists of the World Facebook Group.