Idealist Days

Imagine. Connect. Act.
How did Idealist Days begin?
This all started when Ami Dar, the founder of Idealist, posted his story, which explains what motivated him to imagine Idealist Day, connect with other idealists, and act to make this idea a reality.

What is
We’re a nonprofit organization that aims to connect organizations, people, ideas, and resources–both online and in the real world.

What are we doing?
We want to build a movement that motivates people to transform their good intentions into actions that improve their communities, neighborhoods, and countries.

How do we do this?
By groups of people getting together on Idealist Day (when the number of the day matches the number of the month, for example, March 3rd, April 4th, May 5th, etc) to imagine their ideal world, connect with others, and act to make the change they want to see.

What happens on Idealist Day?
People around the world meet in small groups to connect, imagine a better world, and dig in to make this ideal world a reality. We hope that this meeting will be a monthly routine for people and that idealism and its transformative power will be enacted and celebrated all over the world.

How was 3/3?
On March 3rd, we launched the global call to action to celebrate Idealist Day, with 75 events mobilizing nearly 500 people around the world, and 3000 people in the Idealists of the World Facebook group.

On 3/3, we suggested that people get together to play games and do something joyful to break the ice. Check out the photo gallery here!

What will the next Idealist Days be like?
They’ll be awesome, of course! Something we’ve learned from past events is that each community prepares their meeting in their own special way. Some examples include:

  • A self-care day amongst women, each doing another’s hair and nails as they discuss the role of women in society today.
  • A meeting of neighborhood idealists, playing in the street and discussing how to create an ideal neighborhood.
  • Students and teachers meeting in a park to play ball and inspire social entrepreneurship students.
  • Neighbors getting together to play cards and talk about how to help one another.

Every meeting of idealists is unique! To see what’s happening all over the world, click here. To register your own event, fill out this form.

We hope that most groups will meet every month and that others will continue to join. This is just the beginning…

How can I get involved?

1. Get connected on social media 

  • Idealist of the World: our international Facebook group. This is a space to connect across boarders and share inspiration!
  • Find your local Idealist Facebook group

2. Register your group or event:

  • Visit our directory of groups and events to find one near you! You can also browse for volunteer opportunities that you and your group might like to support.

I want to organize something. Where do I start?

To organize your own event, start by filling out this form.

Don’t worry about the size or production necessary to organize an event. A journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step! You can celebrate Idealist Day in very simple ways:

  • Why not start a conversation during lunch with a colleague about small things you could do together to make your workplace a little bit better?
  • Or honor a special person who you think is an idealist?
  • Or maybe do something individually, like random acts of kindness.

If you need, we have some ideas and resources to help you plan and activate your event.

Please remember, people love photos and videos! Post a photo in the Facebook group telling us about what you did.

If you’d like to record a live video, that’s even better to share and spread energy to others!