Idealists of the World

Imagine. Connect. Act.

What do we want? To change the world, from the ground up.

How? By closing the gap between intention and action.

Yes, but how? By inviting people everywhere to imagine, connect, and act:

* Imagine a better world, a better community, and a better life

* Connect with others, and share ideas, skills, and resources

* Act on our good intentions, and help others to act on theirs 

Who will make this happen? The world’s idealists. 

Idealists? Yes. Practical dreamers, people in every corner of the world who believe that a better future is possible, who want to help build a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives.

And they would? Promote and facilitate action and collaboration using every available means, from mobile apps to a bulletin board on a village tree.

How do we start? By coming out and seeing each other. Seeing and showing that we are not alone, that across the street and around the world there are many others who want the same things we do. That’s what Idealist Days are all about.

Idealist Days

Idealist Days are days of action and possibility. They take place on 12/12 (December 12), 1/1 (January 1), 2/2 (February 2) and every month after that.

3 ways you can get involved:

Take action

Whether you want to get involved as a group of friends or neighbors, as an organization, or just on your own, start taking action in your community!

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See what the global Idealist community is up to!

Idealist Day events and groups are all over the world! Find out about what’s happening near you.

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